Company Store Features

We make ordering custom branded apparel for your company easy, convenient, and awesome with the help of these amazing features.

Dedicated Company Store Pro

Your company will be assigned an EEVOLVE Company Store Pro who will be available to answer questions, help with any issues, and communicate with users.  We commit to a 2 hour response time via phone or email within the workweek.  This allows users to contact us directly and receive help with the site or assistance with product selection without interrupting you!  We never make and judgment calls without receiving approval from our main contact within your company.

Account Funds

Allow your employees to have a budgeted amount to spend on branded apparel. These amounts are pre-determined and are assigned to each employee on the back-end of the site. Employees simply log in, shop, and use their account funds to pay for their gear. If the balance is greater than their available funds, they can pay the remainder with a credit card.

Instaship Items

This is an option that allows users to purchase items that are always in stock and guaranteed to ship in 1 business day or less.  There are lots of options and ways we can make sure this fits your company best, but it’s an awesome solution to help with last-minute events, quick hires, or just guaranteed branded items! 

Customized Branding

Our team will customize your site by adding your company logo and changing the color scheme to line up with your brand, so when your employees are shopping, they feel like they’re home.

Flat Rate Shipping

We offer flat rate shipping to help your users manage their balances and avoid any surprise expenses to their orders.

Direct Shipping

You have the options at the time of company store creation to determine if you’d like completed orders to be shipped directly to the user’s address or to their warehouse/location.  You never have to deal with a shipment that has to be sorted and distributed again.

Mobile Friendly Shopping

We know with on-the-go schedules, the ability to shop on mobile is a necessity. So, we made sure your site looks and functions perfectly while in the palm of your hand.

Credit Card Processing

Make purchases using a credit card under a secure connection that protects your personal data and credit card information.

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